Director | Cinematographer


Andrew Stegmeyer is a Chicago based commercial, film, and digital director specializing in live action narrative comedy. 

With over 10 years of film production experience under his belt, Andrew Stegmeyer continues to the explore the limits of creative innovation through the art of visual storytelling. He received his Master of Fine Art degree in digital cinema from DePaul University’s renown film school. Specializing in directing comedy, Stegmeyer draws from his education in long form improvisation. He has been through both Second City and iO Chicago's training program. Every Sunday night he takes the stage at iO to perform with his team, Deep Schwa, in order to keep his comedic chops up to date. 

Stegmeyer has developed a knack for guiding actors and improvisors towards the creation of humorous dynamic work. He has directed award winning short films, commercials, TV pilots, digital sketches, and a feature. As a huge camera and lighting nerd, he can often be found providing the cinematography when not directing.

In addition to being a driven filmmaker, Stegmeyer loves adventure. As an avid outdoorsman, he backpacks, SCUBA dives, snowboards, rides vehicles of the two wheeled variety whenever possible, and cooks some mean BBQ. 

Whether it's a film, commercial, or digital campaign, Stegmeyer wants to work hand in hand with you to bring your concept to fruition.